Schools / Community

How can I get my school or community group involved?

The MFAA is always looking for schools, both Primary and High Schools, sporting clubs or youth community groups to participate.
Register your school now.

By registering your interest, the MFAA can help partner your school or club with an interested and quality local broker.

The MFAA will also help prepare the broker to deliver the presentation.

Email to register.


Who will deliver The Global Money Week Initiative

The MFAA’s members, finance brokers, are encouraged to deliver The Global Money Week Initiative’s.

MFAA members are held to strict standards, and as such are the best educated brokers in the industry.

When becoming an accredited member of the MFAA, loan-writing members (brokers) must have completed at least two years of supervised mentoring, and must have gained Diploma qualifications in Mortgage Broking Management.

MFAA members must also complete an-industry high 30 hours of professional development each year, and complete Anti-money Laundering refresher courses every two years.

MFAA members also agree to adhere to the MFAA Code of Practice that requires them to conduct their businesses to the highest level of professional standards for finance brokers in Australia.

Broker-members have also undergone police checks.


Working with children checks

State-based Working with children checks are not required for those delivering The Global Money Week Initiative. But if you do wish to have the broker conduct a Working with children check, please discuss this with them. The MFAA will then work with the broker to help them achieve this check.


No selling involved

MFAA brokers who deliver The Global Money Week Initiatives are forbidden from using the opportunity as a sales pitch.

Children, teachers, mentors, parents, etc will not be sold to.

The broker is there specifically to teach children and adolescents financial literacy knowledge and skills.

Brokers are reminded of this throughout the program.