Parent involvement is critical to the success of The Global Money Week Initiative

Encourage the conversation with your children

Having seen a The Global Money Week Initiative presentation, your children are going to come home with lots of ideas and lots of questions.

We encourage you, as a parent, to foster this interest and get your children talking.

Ask them about their experience.

Get them to put into practice what they had learned.

Through practice this information will be ingrained as knowledge.

Encourage the conversation with your broker

If you have a talented MFAA-member mortgage broker, get in touch and encourage them to get involved. Not only will it benefit your children; it will also benefit the brokers’ business and they may not be aware of this.

Brokers are forbidden from ‘selling’ their products and services during The Global Money Week Initiative, but this experience connects them to communities, and raises awareness of their brand, and their knowledge, skills and experience with teachers and other parents – and may start a finance conversation down the track.

Introduce a broker

One of the biggest hurdles to overcome is connecting brokers and schools/clubs/groups together and building a relationship.
Often broker interest goes unanswered.

We encourage parents to get schools, clubs and youth social groups involved by making them aware of the Initiative, or introducing your broker to teachers, principals, program leaders or managers.

Want an MFAA-member finance broker who can present in your community? Find your nearest broker here.