Games to help teach kids about money

Young boy accountant

Change Maker

The Change Maker game is an interactive money handling skills game by teaching kids to identify money, then asking them to solve what change they have in coins from a given amount. The game enables players to choose different types of currencies, including Australian, and a difficulty level based on how much money they have (e.g. big spenders have a limit of $100)

The game was developed by Funbrain, a division of Family Education Network, itself a division of Pearson Education –  you can play the game here.

Australian Money Game – Loose Change

The Loose Change game is an interactive maths game using Australian money for addition and subtraction activities to assist students identify Australian coins and notes and to understand their individual values.

It involves activity based question to help kids and early learners to develop basic skills  on money. Ideally, this game is recommended for children 3-6 years old.

Developed by Crackerjack Education, an independent social enterprise company consisting of passionate members of the public who present knowledge on Indigenous people’s history – you can play the game here