Why be involved (for brokers)

  • Raise awareness that financial literacy is a key social and educational issue in Australia
  • Drive a common understanding of financial literacy and what this means to families
  • Take a bite of a global literacy initiative, at a local community level and enhance your brand
  • Help potential first home buyers be better prepared for the real journey ahead
  • Develop meaningful content for your social media and web platforms
  • National public relations campaign including regional Australia
  • Become recognised as an active member in your local community

A broker’s perspective with Mhairi Macleod, Astute Ability Group

“We encourage all MFAA brokers to become involved in this important initiative to educate the financial decision makers of the future. The MFAA is proud to be the Australian champion of Global Money Week and hopes to match the international success of the programme which is now operating in over 100 countries.”


The MFAA will equip and train brokers to deliver a presentation session to a community group using MFAA presentation tools and online resources. Depending on the audience age group, the presentations will run from approximately 30 minutes- 1 hour. The sessions are focused on developing conversations that improve children’s and families understanding about basic financial literacy including debt, credit, affordability and security. Brokers will be provided with the tools, training and social media support to deliver an effective programme in all Australian locations.

Help the kids of tomorrow lead a bright financial future.

The MFAA will provide resources to assist your Global Money Week session

The MFAA will provide all training videos, presentation materials and consumer handouts that will allow a broker, in any location, to deliver both group family sessions and individual family sessions. The resources that are available to members who have committed to running a session are:

  • How to run a session’ training video ;
  • Global Money Week - consumer web portal to access information ;
  • “Take Part, Save Smart” presentation pack with speaker notes;
  • Running sheet on timing the session;
  • Consumer handouts with access pin numbers to the literacy games;
  • Consumer action plan flyer on what parents should do after the session to keep the education on-going ; and
  • Q&A guide to commonly asked questions.

Running the sessions

Group or one on one family sessions


  • Brokers must register at globalmoneyweek.mfaa.com.au
  • Brokers must have read the collateral and presentation pack information to ensure they are familiar with all materials.
  • Brokers must watch the ‘How to run a session’ training video.
  • Brokers are encouraged to conduct a practice run in front of a colleague or partner etc and ask for feedback.

At the session

  • Introduce yourself and explain where you are from (business brand) and why are you are delivering the presentation.
  • Do not hand out the collateral till the end of the session to ensure that you have their full attention.
  • Turn your phone on silent.
  • Have a watch or on-phone stop-watch. Running the presentation to time to ensure an engaged audience
  • At the end of the session hand out the collateral and talk about the literacy games for children.
  • Encourage the attendees to post on social media by supplying the hashtag #gmwaustralia. Always ensure that you have permission to post images of children from the parents or guardians.
  • Make sure that you hand out your business cards to the parents only and only if asked.

What you can expect a presentation to look like with Tracy Kearey, Home Loan Connexion

What we need from you:

MFAA finance brokers that register to run a group session will have to provide the following:

  • Allocate 30 - 60 minutes (excluding travel time) to run the session;
  • Potentially budget for a donation of up to $500 to the community group for the facility space, provide projector, provide non-alcoholic drinks etc.
  • Take your laptop and the collateral provided by the MFAA on the day


Please email gmw@mfaa.com.au. to register your session.