Help the kids of tomorrow lead a bright financial future.

Why finance brokers?

MFAA-member finance brokers are ideally positioned to deliver The Global Money Week Initiative.

• Finance brokers have day-to-day experience dealing with unique and varied financial scenarios. They have high levels of financial literacy.
• Many brokers are small-to-medium business owners, helping them put financial literacy into context, giving them a real passion for the need for financial literacy.
• MFAA brokers have a real appreciation for education and are the industry’s best-educated.
• Finance brokers also have strong community ties.

Combined, brokers have the financial knowledge, skills and abilities, as well as interpersonal skills to effectively deliver these programs and start children on the path to a financially secure future.


What’s in it for brokers?

Presenting The Global Money Week Initiative to children and their community is a very rewarding experience.

• You are ensuring that the next generation of Australians have the core financial literacy knowledge, skills and abilities needed to participate and thrive in adult life.
• You are also inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs and professionals.
• And you are building stronger and deeper ties between you, your business, and your local community. You are advertising yourself and your business as community champions.

Although ‘selling’ during The Global Money Week Initiative is forbidden, presenting may indirectly benefit your business potentially generating leads (teachers and parents) over the medium-to-long term, and building positive brand-equity with your community, peers, aggregators and lenders.


What if I want to get involved?

Thank you for showing interest in The Global Money Week Initiative.

Here’s how you can take action!

Find a school, club or youth community group

You are encouraged to get in touch with your local school, sports club or youth community group to initiate a discussion and negotiate the details of delivering your session. The MFAA has resources available to guide you through this stage.

TOP TIP: Consider asking one of your parent-clients to act as a moderator to introduce you to a school, club or youth community group.

Download the presentation

You should then download the relevant The Global Money Week Initiative presentation for either Primary School students, year 7-9 High School students or year 10-12 High School students.
Please review and familiarise yourself with the presentation. The presentations are designed to take between 40 to 60 minutes to present. They are designed to encourage participation as well. You can download the presentations here.

TOP TIP: Consider altering the presentation based on the unique needs of the group you will be presenting to, and based on your unique presenting style. For instance, you may like to develop and include some work sheets. Remember though to share your changes with the teacher first before presenting.

Present your presentation

The next stage is delivering The Global Money Week Initiative. Don’t worry, you’re an expert here. It will be easy.

Make yourself available for follow-up questions

After you present, make yourself available to students, parents and teachers for any follow-up information requests. You may get questions about The Global Money Week Initiative, or questions about your business and services.

We encourage you to bring business cards or other branded but non-sales promotional material to give away at the end as a way for interested parties to get in touch afterwards.

TOP TIP: Use branded fun promotional material items, such as squishy stress balls, as prizes during your presentation to encourage students to participate and answer questions. But do not use food or drink as an incentive.

Stay in touch

The Global Money Week Initiative is one way for you to create stronger community ties. The community and your business benefit from it.

Maintain regular ties with the school, sports club or community group you delivered to. Ask for feedback on your delivery, organise delivering more of The Global Money Week Initiatives, or see where else you can play a role in helping out.

Brokers have the financial knowledge, skills and abilities to effectively deliver these programs and start children on the path to a financially secure future.