About Global Money Week

Helping children and teenagers start their journey to a better financial future.

Global Money Week, a Child & Youth Finance International initiative, is a financial awareness campaign built to inspire children and young people to learn about money matters, livelihoods, and entrepreneurship.

Global Money Week events, activities, projects, launches and competitions take place in over 130 countries.

The Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA), in partnership with its members – finance brokers, lenders, aggregators and industry-suppliers – leads the way in delivering Global Money Week in Australia, encouraging members and their local community to connect with, start the conversation, and co-deliver these important financial literacy lessons to children and adolescents through schools, sports clubs and youth community groups.


What’s involved?

The Global Money Week Initiative – Global Money Week presented all-year-round – calls on MFAA-member finance brokers to deliver pre-designed one-hour financial literacy lessons to the school-aged children of their local communities.

The Global Money Week Initiative lesson can be presented whenever you want – throughout the year!

Lessons are designed to be fun, simple to deliver, and age-specific, targeted at the age groups:
• Primary School children
• Year 7-9 High School Children
• Year 10-12 High School Children


What do children learn?

The Global Money Week Initiative looks to teach children and adolescents important, but often overlooked, financial knowledge and skills – financial literacy – at critical times in their development.

Topics covered in the basic presentations include:
• Needs vs wants
• Saving
• Budgeting
• Reading your pay slip
• Superannuation
• Internet banking and online fraud
• Buying smarter (knowing what influences buying behaviour and the buyer decision-making process)

Presenters are encouraged to tailor the presentations to suit the needs of their audience, as well as their delivery styles.

As well as key knowledge on the key topics covered, children should come away from a ‘The Global Money Week Initiative’ presentation with an enthusiasm for, and ability to start a money-related conversation with their parents, teachers or guardians.

Global Money Week sessions do not require participants (students) to sign up or provide any personal information.